Introducing Lion Burger

November 7, 2008

Lion Burger is a business venture into web application development run by a two-man team in Rochester, NY. Our team consists of developers Pete Karl, and Nick Sergeant.

The team

Pete brings an uncanny ability to visualize complete projects and break them into the most minute details (he's got sketches to prove it). Nick regularly redefines the limits of what a developer can learn in a short amount of time, and spends the majority of his time on the bleeding edge of the web.

We came together to help companies realize the potential of their ideas. Lion Burger comes in when organizations don't have the resources to quickly turn business plans into finished products.

Our work

We put an app together a few months ago, called Finisht. It's for developers who do things. Finisht keeps track of all the little things that make your work big.

We're currently building a few more apps for the development community. The first is Snipt - a place to store a personal list of infrequently used commands or code snippets, because even Subversion gurus forget the 'svn switch' syntax sometimes.

Another project we're working on is FeatureQ. It's a repository for backlogged development items with a snazzy UI for prioritization and organization. The days of 'everything is high priority' are numbered.

Check out our site at (It's our first iteration, and we like it that way).