An Event Apart Boston 2009 Recap

July 2, 2009

Earlier this week the Lion Burger crew (@lionburger) attended An Event Apart Boston 2009 (@aneventapart). The speaker lineup was outstanding, and their presentations did not disappoint.

When Pete and I first arrived in Boston (me from Rochester, him from Acton, MA), we started talking about trying to build something that might make a splash at the event. We knew these conferences get a lot of coverage on Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, etc. We thought it'd be convenient to have one place to view a live stream of activity that covered all of the major sources, instead of having to bounce through Twitter hashtag searches, Flickr tag searches, etc. So we decided to build a feed aggregator.

We called it A Feed Apart, and it aggregates the conference hashtags from Twitter and tags Flickr, and does so in real-time (currently switched off). Check out Pete's posts on what we learned, and how we built it.

As some of you may know, I'm a terrible notetaker. So, my reactions / recaps / thoughts listed below are a combination of my memory of the presentations, the slides (available only to AEA attendees), and the reactions from people on Twitter (which you can find here: If I misquoted you, or you want direct attribution, drop me a line at nick at this

By the way, be sure to check out Jeremy Keith's (@adactio) liveblogging journals, which I've linked to at the beginning of each session from the first day below. Excellent stuff there - thanks Jeremy, you rock.

Revealing Design Treasures from The Amazon: Jarod Spool (@jmspool)

Content First: Kristina Halvorson (@halvorson)

Thinking Small: Jason Santa Maria (@jasonsantamaria)

Future Shock Treatment: Jeremy Keith (@adactio)

Designing With Psychology in Mind: Joshua Porter (@bokardo)

DIY UX: Give Your Users an Upgrade (Without Calling In a Pro): Whitney Hess (@WhitneyHess)

Implementing Design: Bulletproof A–Z: Dan Cederholm (@simplebits)

Beyond Pixel Pushing: A Simple Way to Better Websites and Happier Clients: Brett Welch (@higoodbarry)

A Site Redesign: Jeffrey Zeldman (@zeldman)

Flash and Web Standards – Getting Along on the Playground: Daniel Mall (@danielmall)

Accessibility – Experiments at the Edges of Experience: Derek Featherstone (@feather)

Findability Bliss Through Web Standards: Aarron Walter (@aarron)

Change the World (Wide Web)?: Scott Thomas (@simplescott)

Surprise & Delight: Heather Champ (@hchamp)

Walls Come Tumbling Down: Andy Clarke (@malarkey)